On-The-Fly Image Resizing, On-the-fly LESS, SCSS, CoffeeScript Compiling, CSS & JavaScript Combining/Minifying, and Smart Client Side and Server Side Caching

Munee is a PHP5.3 library to easily on-the-fly compile LESS, SCSS, or CoffeeScript, resize/manipulate images on-the-fly, minify CSS and JS, and cache assets locally and remotely for lightening fast requests. No need to change how you include your assets in your templates.

You can install Munee using either Composer, Phar File, or a Zip Archive. Choose your pick!


Easy To Install & Use

Using Composer, Munee can be installed in 3 easy steps. You will not have to change how you include your assets, everything just works!

Smart Caching

Assets are cached server-side and client-side. On every request, each asset is checked if a newer version is available. If so, Munee will bust the cache and force the browser to download the latest version.

On-The-Fly Image Resizing

Quickly resize/crop/fill images on the fly utilising Imagine and an easy to use parameter syntax. Once the image has been manipulated, the cached version will be served on the next request. Security measures are put in place to stop malicious users in their tracks.

LESS/SCSS/CoffeeScript Compiling

Just include these assets (.less, .scss, .coffee) to your HTML and Munee will automatically compile and cache them for future requests.

Combine CSS/JS Into One Request

When creating your <link> and <style> tags, you can comma delimit each file into one request. Munee will cache each file individually and combine each files content.

Minification & Gzip Compression

The CSS & JavaScript can optionally be minified to save on bandwidth. Munee will also use ob_gzhandler() to Gzip the response to save even more bandwidth.