Who are Munee?

Munee are a dedicated web design company, who work night and day to bring their stunning programming and multimedia expertise to the internet. The combined talent of the Munee staff produce not only high-quality games, but cutting-edge programming techniques and mind-blurring visuals.

No, not really, it’s just me! Little ol’ me. There is no crack team of professionals, no “stunning programming and multimedia expertise” and certainly no “mind-blurring visuals”. Just me and my talent, I picked a name for myself to sound more professional and to have a collective something to put all my products under.

What have they done?

I’ve done quite a few websites (which can be accessed from the menu on the left), and also a couple of programs:- Adventure Reviewer – For reviewing ADRIFT adventures, and Application Launcher – Allows you to group programs under menu headings. They won’t set the world on fire but hey, in the words of Dave Lister from Red Dwarf – “who gives a smeg!”

Do you want me?

I am available for employment if anyone so wishes to do so, here are some of my “talents”:

  • The National Distance Learning College : While at the NDLC, I assessed a number of IT courses using set criteria and own judgment; Word processing, DeskTop Publishing and Web Design. I also provided telephone tutorial support for students and created a number of Student Handbooks for beginners based upon MS Word and MS Works.
  • UX Web design : This has been self taught from books and magazines. I’m well aware of Ease of navigation, Colour schemes and Accessibility
  • Visual Basic Programming : I have aquired basic Visual Basic programming on VB6 but working towards mastering VB.NET.