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There are some constants that can be overridden in your dispatcher file before Munee has been included in the file. They provide a bit of customisation if needed. Munee is designed to work right out of the box, so most of the time these settings are not needed.

Setting Webroot

Munee does a pretty good job guessing what the webroot of your application is but for some reason or another it might not get it right.

define('WEBROOT', '/full/path/to/webroot');

Setting Cache Directory

By default, Munee stores the cache of each asset within it's own directory structure. If for some reason you want to store it somewhere else, then use this bit of code.

define('MUNEE_CACHE', '/full/path/to/alternate/cache');

Setting the Character Encoding

The default setting at the moment is UTF-8, but you may change this to whatever you want.

define('MUNEE_CHARACTER_ENCODING', 'iso-8859-1');